Thursday, 31 July 2014

The Other Half from Flypig @ Shapeways

 I wanted something I can use as a TheOtherHalf development platform to drill holes in a and glue stuff on to get easy access to the pogopins on the Jolla, and I didn't really feel like destroying the original cover it came with.

Since there is currently an extreme lack of options for TheOtherHalf covers for the Jolla phone, I thought I would order one of the ones from Shapeways 3D printing service as its readily available and less expensive than buying one directly from Jolla.

Initial impressions are fairly poor to be honest, I expected the finish to be a bit rough but the whole thing feels super thin and flimsy, likely to snap with much use, (un)fortunately the case takes very little effort to take on and off the phone so less force needs to be applied than the original cover.

This can probably be remedied in two ways, creating a new shapeways object that is thicker on the back and sides than the original case, but more sturdier as a result. or using something like thin fiberglass to cover the back and sides to give it a bit more rigidity. 

With that in mind, the fact that nobody has used the supplied 3d files in TheOtherHalf SDK and sent them off to an injection molding manufacturer is rather surprising, I might start a conversation with Jolla to see if there is any requirements they have in using the provided files in a commercial manner.

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