Thursday, 31 July 2014

i2c breakout TheOtherHalf

I started modifying my Shapeways 3d printed TheOtherHalf cover to provide an easy way to wire up the pogo pins on the Jolla to a breadboard or protoboard.

The whole thing is fairly simple, I started off with some copper tape to act as contacts for the pins and ran the strips of copper tape to the back of the cover.

I then cut up some wires bent them into the rough shape I wanted and used epoxy resin to fix them to the back of the case, making sure to hold the wire to the copper contact pad as the resin cured.

Next steps are to terminate the wires into a 4 pin plug, and to figure out a way to fix the wires to the contact pads in a more solid way, at the moment they are just sitting there and continuity is ok but I would prefer something that will give a more reliable connection.

For a first attempt I think this will be workable, I made friends with the guys at the Newcastle Makerspace who have a lot of equipment including 3d printers so I should be able to make something a bit better

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