Sunday, 20 July 2014

Contacts List UI

Navigating long lists is something that the Jolla doesn't do very well (Media app is a prime example), except in one specific case: The People App.

The problem is that this alphabetic sorted list type menu is heavily baked into the app itself and is only really useful for displaying contacts without a lot of hacking. Ideally I would like to get it to be something flexible that can be customised for specific purposes though Silica components.

Since it seems like something that would be useful for Sailfish app developers to use, I've started to break the menu out into something generic that can be used to display a list data type

All the good stuff is in the qml/pages directory, the rest is just the standard sailfish stuff to get it to run on the device.

The menu is mostly broken out into a standalone object, with the Example.qml showing an example of how to create the menu and get it to display something.

I've made it so the inner menu is passed in as a Component so you can easily customize the look to fit your data.

Aside from the top level A-Z menu, the rest is procedurally generated which is good. It might need some performance tweaks for large lists as the way it generates sublists is fairly inefficient at present

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